MACDINO CONTRACTING COMPANY LTD (MACDINO CCL), was incorporated in November 2016 and started active operations in January 2017.

MACDINO-CCL, is an ambassador of quality and safe products and services in Nigeria.

MACDINO-CCL, has enjoyed growth and stability of business since it started operation as a contracting company with young experienced management team.

MACDINO CONTRACTING COMPANY LTD project management team is experience in the application of effective cost control system and timely approach to the completion of projects.

MACDINO-CCL road to success has been built with good quality services, ingenuity, efficiency, affordable pricing and good Planning/Project Management skill.

Our Project Management and Technical team desire to achieve success by following the policies of the corporation and by performing quality works in the safest most economical manner.

We aim to provide industrial engineering contracting services of superior quality and create value for our clients and stakeholders.

To provide quality assured technical services and products capable of satisfying the most stringent requirements of our clients wherever it is required using the best available technical skills in the world.

We shall continuously deliver services that meet customer needs and expectations as well as statutory and regulatory requirement as a demonstration of our total commitment to customer satisfaction and continual improvement of our Quality Management System

CORE VALUES Diversity inclusion
Customer Satisfaction